elyse update / monthly catch-up: October 2016

Hey y'all (yep - I'm writing this from Atlanta).

Franish is one of my favorite blogs (she was on of my inspirations for finally leaping into the blogging world). I tried to mimic her weekly top 3 for a few months during intern year, but the turn around was too quick for me. Now, that I'm in dermatology residency, I feel like my life is much more exciting so I want to share it but I also feel that I have even less time to blog!

SO - here's my second attempt. A monthly catch-up of what I've been up to, what I'm currently inspired by, what I'm struggling with,  and what's been happening on the blog.


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elyse + work

Doctor Elyse Love - dermatology resident , physician, Tory burch flats, Love and the Sky

I rotate between three hospitals during residency, spending four months at each site a year. I seriously can't believe that my four months at the historic Bellevue Hospital - the oldest public hospital in the country - are up! It has been an amazing and overwhelming four months of learning dermatology, using phone interpreters, and learning to deal with the administrative side of practicing. The administrative side is the one side of medicine that you're protected from during medical school, and boy - it's as bad as people make it out to be. It's especially cumbersome in dermatology because we prescribe a lot of expensive medications that are more "life-enhancing" than "life-saving." I wrote two blog posts that give you a better idea of what the first four months have been like - reflecting on my first three months of dermatology residency and what I saw in clinic dermatology clinic today - September 2016.


elyse + love

I am writing this post from a rocking chair at Ponce City Market in Atlanta, Georgia. Alex is sitting next to me snoring. He brought his computer to study and I've stolen it to write this post. We spaced our shared 7 weeks of vacation throughout the winter / spring, allowing us to visit each other for longer periods of time in addition to weekend getaways. He technically had to work this week, but he's been able to work a couple of half days, get off early, and he has Friday off! I do not have that much free time, but he's a 3rd year and I'm just a 1st year.

FYI: Alex is my boyfriend and a chief dermatology resident at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. We met while I was a medical student at Emory.

elyse + beauty

Love and the sky beauty is on the way!

I've now tried out the DryBar by my house twice and I'm a big fan. I was a little skeptical about their ability to do ethnic hair, but they've done an excellent job both times. Of course, I can only speak for that location, and I will never try another location because a) it's close to my house b) if it ain't broke.. My first blow out lasted for a full 4 weeks (4 weeks that I didn't wash my hair or exercise as much as I should of). Hopefully, I work up a little more of a sweat this month.

Rare good hair day 💁🏾#latergram

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elyse + style

should I blog about style or nah? I couldn't help myself this week and did a huge blog post on ALL of the fall fashion I want in my closet. I really like lust lists and I may do more in the future, especially with Christmas season arriving!

Since moving to New York, style has become a big part of my life again. The walkability is one of my favorite things about the city. My second favorite thing is that everyone dresses so well. I'm constantly inspired by other peoples outfits as I walk to work.


recent purchases:

  • These J. Crew rain boots are GORGEOUS. A reader snapped me that she has the J. Crew rain boots and the Target version and that the target version is just as good if not better - at a 1/3 of the price. I will admit they look identical online. I'm still waiting to wear mine. I'm still waiting for rain. It rained by last day in NYC but of course I didn't' check the weather and instead got my everyday flats drenched. Let me know if you have any experience with either pair!
  • I've been wearing these black booties non-stop since I bought them - very New York.
  • I've wanted a prime lens for AWHILE. I've been using this all-around amazing lens but it's terrible at taking product shots, also the aperture doesn't allow good blurring of the background, and I splurged on a micro 4/3rd camera for the lightweight so I wanted a smaller lens. I'm testing out this lens this week and so far I love it. It allows me to take good detailed shots and portraits (for video maybe?). The aperture still isn't as good as I want, but so far it's taking great product shots (I have this camera. It was my one splurge gift during intern year and I absolutely love it).


On the buy list

  • a down comforter is a NYC must. It has apparently gotten incredibly cold since I left for vacation. After seeing Joyce's instagram story in a full length winter coat, I think I might buy this later today. (read Joyce's career profile here)
  • I want a Canada goose coat but a version that not everyone has, maybe a Woolrich if I can find one on major sale (probably not). I may have to make a decision soon, but we'll see how my Madewell parka holds up. I LOVE this coat. The velvet lining comes out so it's great for fall and hopefully winter.
  • want these winter boots so bad. I'm kicking myself for missing the shopbop 25% off sale. Why don't great sales happen when I'm on vacation and able to think past the next two hours.
  • Fingers crossed a new macbook pro comes out 10/27/2016! It has taken me so long to add links to this blog post because my computer is crawlingly slow. It is 5.5 years old however. I'm pretty quickly being wooed away from apple. This Microscoft desktop is so sexy, but way too expensive for my budget.

elyse + culture

shows to watch: THE GILMORE GIRLS TRAILER IS OUT. I've been so lost without my life muse Emily Gilmore. Fun fact: Alex and I brought in our first New Years dating watching a Gilmore Girls marathon.

movie to watch: We watched Hands on a Hardbody (I know GREAT name) yesterday via a 7 day trial of amazon prime Sundance movie club. It's a 90s documentary recommended by one of Alex's attendings that has sense been turned into a broadway play. It follows a competition where people put their hand on a car and the last person to take their hand off the car wins. It is really fun, sometimes pretty deep, and even a big romantic. I'm pretty sure the 1992 winner that they interview was Matthew McConaughey's inspiration for those Lincoln commercials.

instagram: mywhiteboyfriend is a very accurate parody of interracial dating. I swear to you, Alex and I have had the milk conversation multiple times (including last night when I had wine with my pizza and he had almond milk). Also, have you seen Halle Berry's instagram - KILLING IT! Eva Chen continues to be adorable and pregnant and fabulous and not at all pretentious. She'll probably be featured in this section every month because I love her.

tech: Apple's keynote address is today (10/2720/16 @ 10 am PST). I've been waiting to get the newest macbook pro for a year. I refuse to buy technology unless it has just recently been updated.

okay, bye!

love you.

mean it.


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