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recap: Summer 2017

Look who's back on the interwebs!

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recap: summer 2017

let's catch up..

So, before we get back into regular content, we probably should catch up.. right?

First off - for those of you new to .. WELCOME!

I started this blog as a way to highlight millennials who were doing amazing things, but as I got too busy to do interviews, it kind of devolved into a lifestyle blog. This caused me a lot of anxiety and angst because I was trying to hold on so tightly to my original idea instead of letting the blog naturally grow into a sustainable product. After a couple of months away, I'm back, ready to tell more of my story and to highlight the stories of other amazing people in medicine.

Last time we spoke, I was starting to settle into dermatology residency, I'd just introduced you to my new boyfriend, I'd just found out I'd been accepted to the 2017 NYC marathon, and I was overwhelmed with balancing blogging, fitness, fun, and learning.

Well.. not much has changed, but I am back! Let's get right into it.

.. but first! For those of you new to, here's a quick intro to my life.

  • name: Elyse Love, MD (yes - Dr. Love.. and no, I haven't heard the song but I know there are multiple that exist)
  • age: 28
  • job: dermatology resident
  • location: NYC! I work in Manhattan but just recently moved to Williamsburg, Brooklyn (to live with above mentioned boyfriend)
  • hobbies: INSTAGRAM!, running, hanging out on rooftops, nature photography
  • favorite clothing brand: madewell
  • clinical interests: acne, skin of color, the quality of life impact of dermatologic conditions, the business of medicine, integration of technology into the clinical experience

elyse + residency

I am now a post-graduate level 3 and second-year dermatology resident which means that I have been out of medical school for three entire years (my intern year was my first year of residency and separate from my dermatology training). I mentioned here that the first year of dermatology residency is much harder than I expected, but it gets so much better.  As a second year, I'm becoming more comfortable in the things I know. I know a good bit of clinical dermatology. I know how the computer systems work. Now, in addition to learning dermatology, I'm also trying to figure out how and where I want to practice dermatology and need to delve back into research.

elyse + love

Those of you who have been following me for awhile know that I moved to NYC in a long -distance relationship. It fell apart suddenly and quickly after the move. It was a pretty traumatic experience for me, but there were multiple issues that collided at one time. There was the realization that I loved NYC and maybe wanted to spend the rest of my life here, the realization that we would be apart my entire 3 years of residency, the expectation that I would move to the mid west away from my family and everything familiar to me after residency, and a complicated political climate that we had differing passions about to name a few. Saying goodbye to something that's almost right is very hard, but I am so glad that I did because it opened the door for something so right, so good, and so far, so easy.

Fast forward one year, and I'm writing this from the couch as Boz - my beau - makes it through our weekend to do list (we're big project people). It's been a wonderful year with him, and I could not ask for a better partner to compliment my strengths and weaknesses.

With that said, I will no longer blog about "love," but I will blog start to blog more about "home." xo

elyse + culture

In the current political climate, the thing that makes me feel some sense of calm and joy is black art.

When I was a child growing up, there were no characters on TV that looked like me. Fast forward to medical school when there started to be token people of color. I still remember the shock and excitement I felt when I saw a black person on a mainstream commercial. In the last 3 years, we've reached a point where black people are just featured in television, black people are making television. I've gone from feeling "that girl looks like me!" to "wait.. is this my life?? .. how do I make her my friend?? .. "I wonder what she uses in her hair.." A few of my favorites: Black-ish (ABC), Insecure (HBO, I didn't like season 1, but season 2 was EVERYTHING), Dear White People (Netflix), Atlanta (FX), and The Incredible Jessica James (Netflix). Special shout out to Scandal for paving the way.

I've also fallen in love with the podcast "Still Processing" which is a podcast discussing culture by the NY Times, hosted by two black  millennials  living in Brooklyn. Look how far we've come, mama.

Lastly, I went to the Chance the Rapper Be Encouraged Tour and it was the most inspiring concert I've ever been to.

elyse + style

I've worn these Madewell denim cutoffs pretty much every day this summer.. can you believe summer is over??

I've finally joined the wearfigs club. Honestly, I was a little skeptical of the idea because I mean they're scrubs, how much of a difference can it be? Also, no offense, but I feel like I look like a doctor when my scrubs are hospital provided and a little baggy. Well, that's before I got my first pair and realized how SOFT they are. Also, it feels good to look put together. My current favorite figs are the black joggers, burgundy skinny pants, and the black supersoft undershirt. One warning for you long legged ladies like me, the pants do run a little short, which is okay with me because I always cuff my pants, but I think the jogger is the only length that comes in long.

elyse + beauty

I'm on the hunt for the perfect red lipstick for fall.. will keep you updated as soon as I find it.

Glossier now ships to the UK and Canada BTW! You can shop my favorite products and receive 20% off your first purchase through my link:

When I told you I was returning to blogging, the #1 most requested topic was hair! Working on a FAQ: hair post for you all!

elyse + fitness

My instagram feed has pretty much turned into a "this is me running" feed. The marathon is less than a month away, and I am both terrified and excited. I've gotten so many running related questions, so I'm working on a running FAQ. Stay tuned!

Well, there you go. I am officially back to blogging.

Thank you all for sticking with me through this summer. Honestly, I felt so out of control of my life a few months ago that I needed to pause to gain a sense of stillness and peace. It feels really good to be back.