elyse's thoughts on things.

I like things. a lot.

until I no longer like them.

at which point, I give them away.

or until I have too many.

then I, also, give them away.

unless I've drained them of all their value,*

then I throw them away.

that is the beauty of things -

they are disposable** - unlike people, animals, and responsibility.


*There was a time when I used charity as my only disposal method. holes in it? it's better than nothing. I'll donate it. but a dear friend of mine made me realize how uncharitable that is. - Elyse, imagine if you found yourself on your worst luck and someone gave you a bag of clothing filled with holes and stains to wear. How would that make you feel? - So now, when I go through my closet inventory twice a year, I discard things that have served their purpose in the world and I thoughtfully choose the items I wish to donate, keeping in mind there's a person with hopes and dreams on the receiving end.


**Although things are disposable, I become very attached to my belongings because I treat them as if they are my friends - because they kind of are. I recently sold my car of 10 years, and I will unabashedly admit that I cried twice a day for over a week afterwards. I felt like I'd lost my closest friend. I'd had that car since I was 16 and we experienced so many big life moments together - mischievous high school nights, college interviews, going off to Tuscaloosa for undergrad, living away from home for the first time, traveling back home to see my family, college parties, the summer my heart was so broken we could only play Adele, medical school interviews, the move to Emory, new boyfriends, the last boyfriend, my first year as a doctor. My options were to sell the car or to allow it to sit in my garage in Alabama - void of any future experiences, except for the few days I'm home from NYC each year. I sold the car and I've used the money to decorate my new NYC home, a place where I hope to make many life-long memories. My mom serendipitously found out who the car was sold to and guess what - it was an University of Alabama undergrad student. How perfect! I was finally able to let go when I realized how much fun Sebastian is bound to have back in good ole Tuscaloosa, Alabama. If you don't think i'm totally weird (or even if you do), I recommend Marie Kondo's - the life changing magic of tidying it. It's partly about tidying but it's partly about how to respect the things you own without hoarding them. 


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elyse love, md