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I am BEYOND excited to announce that I am now an official brand rep for Glossier. I mentioned before that Into the Gloss was my original inspiration for starting my own blog. I LOVE that site, and I know a lot of you found me from my ITG Top Shelfie interview. That interview has been huge in my growth and expansion of my audience.

Glossier is founded by the creator of Into the Gloss - Emily Weiss. I can't think of a better market research campaign for a new beauty line than interviewing every famous person, ever on their favorite beauty products.

Glossier has pretty much been on point since their release and I've had a girl crush on the Glossier brand since they came out with their phase I set. Such a cool brand (you guys know how badly I want to be cool).

Over the past two years,  the company has come out with amazing products that are pretty much meant for me. The gentlest face wash that removes my eye make-up, the ever so subtle skin tint that makes my boyfriend think I'm more beautiful than I am, the clear boy brow gel that tames my brows and does nothing else, the cherry balm dot calm that's pretty much my vaseline and stila stains put into one... I can go on (and I will below and in the future)

Here's a little bit more info on what my being a brand rep means for you (and for me. I love it when bloggers are transparent about their affiliations).

20% off your first Glossier order

What this means for you

Consider me your go-to for all questions Glossier. I'll show you how I use the products in real life on my Instagram feed and Instagram stories, and I'll also review the products and do more videos starting in late February.

my favorite Glossier products

What this means for me

I now have a small monthly Glossier allowance to help keep my makeup bag stocked with Glossier products. I also obtain a small commission on all purchases made through my brand rep site.

I would love it if you made all of your Glossier purchases through my brand page. I've added a link to the love and the sky site menu for easy access in the future!

Don't worry - I will absolutely keep it real with you. The great thing about having a stable, salaried job as a dermatology resident (that I love and work very hard at) is I have very little incentive to lie to you! Of course, I want my blog to be profitable (it is one of my year 2 blogging goals), but your trust is more valuable than commission.

Again, I do truly LOVE this brand, and I use a number of the products every single day.

20% off your first Glossier order here!

So.. what is Glossier all about?


The brand is about obtaining and maintaining healthy, glowing skin and then enhancing it ever so slightly with the right products. Think about the light flush you have right after leaving the gym or the perfection of your make-up two hours after you put it on.

20% off your first Glossier order here!

Hope 💕

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What are my favorite Glossier products?

20% off your first glossier purchase - including my favorites - here

1. Priming moisture rich is the an amazing winter moisturizer for the early twenties to early thirties skin. It is a great primer for make-up, but also provides hydration for a glowy, no make-up day. I use this every morning and sometimes in the evening (I'm not the best about moisturizer at night). Just remember to wear SPF under it! I know it makes a difference for me because I let Joyce from teawithmd.com borrow it for a weekend and my face freaked out and began to peel whenever I tried to apply make-up.

2. Perfecting Skin Tint - deep - This lightweight fluid sinks into skin to even out skin tone. It is lighter than your normal tinted moisturizer. It's so light that I don't consider it make-up. The best way to describe it is "your skin but better."

3. Cherry Balm dotcom - this is my go to for effortless mornings when I don't want to be completely basic. I wear it on my lips and/or cheeks.

4. Milky Jelly cleanser - the best cleanser + make-up remover combination I've used. Also, doesn't aggravate my skin in the winter months. My skin was flaky before I started using this cleanser and the priming moisture rich.

I've added a link in the navigation bar to my rep page to make it easy to reference in the future. 

Leave all questions/requests/concerns for me in the comments section below! and THANK YOU for your support to far. You guys make me.