favorite make-up remover: micellar cleansing water

Coconut oil is a great make-up remover, but I HATE doing a full face wash before the gym. It's just too much for me. plus, I'm usually always running late. So, I kept the neutrogena make-up removing cleansing towlettes in my glove compartment and scrubbed a little harder than I prefer (I don't believe in scrubbing) with two wipes before each workout.

The wipes work great to generally remove make-up, say, as step 1 of your night time cleansing routine, but they're not the best on their own. I regularly left streaks of make-up on the gym towels. embarrassing.

So, I went on a quest for a more effective and equally portable make-up remover solution and came across one of the few beauty products that actually lives up to the hype - micellar water.

Micellar waters cleanse, tone, and hydrate - and don't require rinsing off!

I know I didn't believe it either until I tried it. It's serious magic.

My current favorite is the simple brand.


How micellar water works:

Micellar water is composed of micelles dispensed in soft water (duh).

soft water: normal water without calcium and magnesium

In case you don't remember your general chemistry, a micelle is a spherical aggregate that forms when amphiphilic molecules are dispersed in water (amphiphilic = hydrophilic head + hydrophobic tail) . The hydrophilic heads form a sphere with the hydrophobic tails buried in the sphere's core. This protects the hydrophobic tails from exposure to water.

Micelle - Micellar water - favorite make-up remover

Moisten a cotton round with the solution and then swipe over your face. The hydrophobic tails will cling to the oil and dirt on your face while leaving the face's natural moisture and adding additional moisture via the soft water suspension.

Seriously. magic...or science. i get those two confused sometimes.

either way, try it out.

it is a game changer.