how to make coffee with a traditional coffee maker (the office coffee maker)

This may be a completely personal problem, but I had no idea how to use a traditional coffee pot until months into intern year! In case anyone else is wondering, this is how to you use those coffee pots your parents grew up with (that I am now really into). Special thanks to my co-interns who went over this process multiple times with me before I got it!

The coffee pot should be off while you're doing steps 1-4.

[ 1 ] Find supplies. You'll need 1 filter, ground coffee, water, and electricity. Currently, I buy Starbucks house blend and have them grind it in store (coarse for french press, fine for traditional coffee maker). Eventually, I want to invest in a home grinder because it's supposed to result in the freshest coffee. For the time being, I store my ground coffee in the freezer to maximize freshness.

[ 2 ] Place a coffee filter in the top of the coffee maker.

[ 3 ] Add 2 tablespoons coffee for every 6 ounces of coffee per Starbucks recommendations. You can alter this to make the coffee as strong or weak as you like. If I'm using non-Starbucks coffee, I always double the recommendations because the caffeine content in Starbucks coffee is much higher than cheaper brands of coffee.

[ 4 ] Fill the carafe with cold water for however much coffee you want to make. The carafe is the glass container that will eventually be referred to as a "pot" when it is filled with coffee.

Important: This step only applies if the coffee maker is not connected to its own water supply. If it's an industrial coffee maker that has it's own water supply, leave the carafe empty.

[ 5 ] Close all open things. Place carafe into designated spot.

[ 6 ] Turn coffee machine on.

[ 7 ] Enjoy and feel like a real adult.