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I am a huge fan of podcasts and audiobooks. It's how I entertain myself while cleaning and roaming around the city. I've even started to listen to podcasts while working out. I've listed some of my recent favorites below

podcast recommendations - this American life, #askgaryvee, the importance of sleep, invisibilia

This American Life

Rarely, can I make it through a full conversation without dropping a "There was a This American Life episode related to that..." I LOVE this podcast. There were a few consecutive weeks in recent months that I worried the podcast had run out of interesting American stories to tell, but the slump appears to be over.


591: Get Your Money's Worth

Act one gives an inside look into political super PAC funding.


168: The Fix Is In

A riveting story, so much so that there's a movie starring Matt Damon inspired by the story (The informant).


589: Tell Me I'm Fat

I was hesitant about this episode because I thought it would be part of the new culture of praising obesity, but it does a great job of showing multiple social viewpoints on thetopic of obesity. Act two actually made my jaw drop.


Episode 213 - Arianna Huffington, Nighttime Routines & The Importance of Sleep

I usually listen to Gary Vee to convince myself that I should not be sleeping if I want to be successful in life, but this episode was just what I needed to hear at the start of dermatology residency. Arianna Huffington is a journalistic hero of mine, and I'd heard of her book "Thrive," but never even considered to buy it because it seemed like a cliche thing to say once you've made it. However, she presents interesting anecdotes in this interview that compel me to read her new book "The Sleep Revolution."


This is an honorable mention. Season one of invisibilia is without a doubt, my favorite podcast ever, BUT the much anticipated season two has been a let down so far. I haven't given up on them yet, though!

What are your favorite podcasts?

Share, please! I'm running out!

If you love podcasts, I also recommended checking out audiobooks! Here are a couple to get your started.