featured: intothegloss top shelfie

For those of you who follow me on social media (instagram:, snapchat: - you know that I was recently featured on - a celebrity beauty blog and one of my biggest inspirations for starting

Intothegloss has been one of my favorite beauty sources for years, and it is a crazy dream come true to see my name on their website. CRAZY!

Check out the article for my daily beauty routine and my beauty philosophy and leave a sweet comment in the comments section, please!

Want more beauty on loveandthesky? I'm not allowing myself to write on skin for another few months. Right now, I need to focus on learning before I even think of teaching, but if you're interested in skin related posts, drop some interests in the comments section and they'll be first on my list. This blog is for the long haul and I hope to fully expand the fitness, beauty, relationship, and self-care sections over the next year (we're turning two soon!)

BTW - The comments section of intothegloss is another dream of mine for this blog. So much positive engagement. Let's make it happen! Comment below :)