the modern doctor's bag - hers & his

For medical students and residents.

Your bag is really important. You will lug this bag in and out of the hospital for what feels like every single day of your life. It should be professional, practical, and sturdy.

the modern doctor's bag - his and hers


The Madewell tote is one of my favorites because it's chic, reasonably priced so that it's high quality but not too nice to sit on the ground, and it zips so you don't have to worry about the contents spilling everywhere (especially helpful if you'll be flying a lot). I'm really into backpacks right now and the Everlane backpack is clean, chic, and well priced. I can't decide between the hunter green and black - hunter green is a great neutral because it can go with both black and brown outfits, but I love an all black look. The Louis Vuitton is a classic. I have the larger luggage version, so I never carry it, but the smaller tote version is a great higher end option. I carry a Ralph Lauren tote that I caught on sale, and I love it. I just wish it zipped.



I'm not a fan of messenger bags at all, but I respect that they are a thing. The diesel backpack is by far my favorite.

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