video: match day 2015 at Emory

holy crap, It's match week!

Which is very exciting this year because I matched last year. Oh gosh, last year this time I was a complete emotional mess. I locked myself in the house for a legit week. I contemplated skipping match day because I was such a nervous wreck. The rest of my class was out celebrating because Emory kids are cool, smart, and fun.


My best friend Natalie tagged me in this video on Facebook (ps: like love and the sky on facebook, please!). Emory by far as one of the most exciting match days of any school. Basically, the table is lined with everyone's letter. The Dean gives a speech at 11:55 stating where everyone is going (Atlanta, Boston, San Francisco, New York were our most popular cities) and what specialties they are going into (internal medicine, peds, general surgery, ortho, and anesthesia were the most popular). There's a countdown and then everyone rushes the table to get their letters. Some open right at the table while others race back to find their families.  You can catch Natalie and me taking a last minute selfie at 0:43 - right before we both found out we matched our #1 programs!  [btw: Natalie's career profile launches Thursday. Find out where she matched then!] You can see from the video, there is a lot of hugging on match day (and really any day. we were a hugging bunch).


I mentioned in the "choosing a medical school" post that a school's match list a good proxy for tier and reputation. Check out all the happy faces in this video. I think almost all of my friends matched their #1 choice! This article has a little more detail on our the match process and our class's amazing results.


GOOD LUCK tomorrow nrmp match applicants!

If it doesn't work out for you, it's not the end of the world (more on that coming soon!)


To those of you applying this cycle - time to start stressing! Here are some resources to help a little -

- how to write a letter of recommendation for yourself

- residency interview series


oh yeah, here's me opening my letter!

My family was expecting a more tame match day like at other schools and I'd forgotten to tell them I ranked NYU #1, so they were in shock themselves when everyone bum rushed the table and then they couldn't tell if I was "happy shocked" or "devastated shock" after I opened my letter. hahahaha. PS: i'm going to upload more to the love and the sky youtube channel eventually (what do you want to see?)

of course, my biggest cheerleader was there. So grateful to our friend Lauren for capturing this moment. I'm pretty sure this will forever be my favorite picture. Who do you think is happier? Me or Alex? I can't wait to find out where Lauren matches Friday!

Love at Emory Match Day 2015

Love at Emory Match Day 2015