Elyse this week - 1

Hey guys! I've been trying to think of ways for you to get to know me better (and hopefully vice versa). I thought sharing a few of my favorite things around the internet would be a great way to start. I was inspired to start this series by a fellow blogger - Franish's top 3 series. I'm going to try to make this a weekly post, but maybe bimonthly. The content will vary on whatever fascinated me the previous week. Sometimes it will be medicine heavy, sometimes beauty heavy, sometimes all Atlantic articles on race & politics. Share your favorites we me too! Let's chat!



Brief life update:

  • I'm currently on night shift, which means I admit general medicine patients to the hospital at night and help take care of the day team's patients while they get their much deserved rest after a hard day's work. The transition to nights hasn't been as hard as I expected because I'm completely caffeine dependent. The time I'm awake is dictated more by the # of cups of coffee I've had than circadian rhythm.
  • My New Years resolution is to create more - more blog content, more laughter, more art, VIDEOS, more healthy meals in my own kitchen, etc.
  • I'm met my boyfriend's parents! They are exactly the type of people who would raise such an amazing human being.

Current events

  • Beyonce + Coldplay at the Superbowl - apparently that's a thing!
  • This section is sadly void this week because sometimes I just have to check out, but I usually start my day with The Atlantic and the New York Times. I browse the New Yorker when those are having a slow day, and I listen to NPR most days of the week.

Entertainment: Books, Movies, TV, and podcasts

  • This review of Marie Kondo's new book has inspired me to reread the original. I'm still on the fence about the second book. (did you see our post on decluttering to make room for positive change?)
  • I haven't started Making a Murderer yet, but I'm bookmarking this article about crucial facts that were maybe left out of the documentary series
  • Speaking of netflix, I finished the first season of Jane the Virgin - love it!
  • A fellow blogger (TeawithMD.com) recently dealt with some negative comments on the internet, I recommended one of my favorite podcasts to her - Magic Lessons by Elizabeth Gilbert. This book has inspired me to create in a way that nothing else has. Five stars. Start with the episode with Brene Brown (the last episode).
  • The Big Short is fantastic - entertaining and insightful. I was in college when the housing market collapsed, so I didn't really understand what was happening. This was a great warning for me in future endeavors. In this article, Michael Burry, MD (former neurologist, played by Christian Bale) discusses his views on the current economy and who he thinks should take the blame for the housing market collapse. 
" The enablers for this crisis were varied, and it starts not with the bank but with decisions by individuals to borrow to finance a better life, and that is one very loaded decision....We should be teaching our kids to be better citizens through personal responsibility, not by the example of blame."

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Health & Medicine


  • I've never been a big youtube person, but I've started to explore the site a little more and I'm kind of loving it. Videos are definitely in the long term plane for Love&theSky.
  • A few of my favorite bloggers have started youtube channels this week! LauraLacquer, ScouttheCity, Alexi Lubomirski.
  • The highlight of this video is watching Jenna Dewan-Tatum give Channing a lap dance to pony, but there's also Channing + Beyonce singing Run the World.
  • I've had Justin Bieber's "Love Yourself" on replay since I've heard it. I love the choreography and simplicity of the music video.