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In "Elyse this week," I share a few updates about my life and some of my favorite articles around the web . Topics include current events, beauty, and nutrition.


  • I have finally repleted my emergency account! Paying $1500 on car repairs a week after going all out for Christmas wasn't fun, but it felt good to be able to afford all of it (and I'm thankful my car is working!) I had to take a break from saving for big purchases to replete my account, but now I'm back to saving for my move to NYC and a new laptop. (see "saving for emergencies and big purchases" for more on this)
  • Today is my last day of nights. As of 6 am Monday 2/1/2016, I am done with my month long rotation of inpatient medicine night call. I've still got a couple of nights left during my inpatient months, but the biggest hurdle is behind me. Honestly, it's been harder than I expected. My mood has not been great the past couple of days.
  • I start inpatient wards tomorrow, so still busy busy with work. It's pretty downhill after February though. I'm in the home stretch of intern year! I really can't believe that. It has really gone by so quickly.


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interesting reads this week

on Love and the Sky:


Health and Medicine

“We do play the pediatric card for sure,” said Alix Dabb, a pharmacy specialist in pediatric oncology at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Dr. Kenneth Cohen, director of pediatric neuro-oncology there, and his colleagues were close to being forced into making “very, very hard decisions,” he said. “The discussions became, ‘Why are two kids more important than one adult?’”
"While it’s not clear just how big of a role these discrepancies play in shaping different families’ eating habits—Daniel stresses that this is just one sample of parents in one American city—it does seem to be the case that poorer parents feel they don’t have enough wiggle room in their budgets to present acquired tastes to their children, whereas wealthier parents aren’t as constrained in teaching their children what to like."


“The most valuable mentors I’ve had have really been my peers... I think there is a lot of pressure on women to sort of find this magical mentor—someone who is going to be that person who you can turn to at any dilemma and she will show you the way. And I think that’s awesome if you can find that, but I really think more often than not, the mentors end up being the people that you work with and came up in your industry with and know you really well."
  • Barbie just got a major makeover: I never played with dolls as a kid. I was like Aeriel, and I just found them so boring. Instead, I played with a toy gas station pump, checkbook, and cash register as toys. No joke..I would run errands for fun..I was weird. I did however have a large collection of mint condition Barbies because people kept buying them for me for some reason, so I sold them my aunt when I was like 7 years old for a recurring payment of $1/week for the rest of my life. I even wrote out a contract. Anyway, I'm really into the new Barbie advertising campaign. If you haven't seen "Imagine the Possibilities," watch it now, please. I'll just put it below so that you have no excuses. BTW, I am a sucker for a good advertising campaign. No shame. I'm off to buy every little girl I know a Barbie.


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