Splurge list: Treat yo self

I absolutely love the advent/Christmas season. There's increased focus on three of my favorite things - commercialism, family, and charity! My mom puts a lot of effort into getting the perfect gift for everyone. This year was the first year I could put that much time, effort, and money into gifts for my family. Previously, the last day of medical school for the winter break was December 22-23, so I would frantically pick up things before Christmas day.


With all that said, now it's time to treat yourself! The New Year is coming. Over the next couple of months we at Love&theSky will focus on finding a balance between self-indulgence, self-discipline, and altruism. Below are a few splurges to consider saving for this year!





If you're a workaholic..

Ban work for a full weekend! If in your budget, treat yourself to a relaxing deep tissue massage +/- facial or pedicure. Go to a yoga class. Take a walk through your local park while listening to a good podcast. Allow your mind and body to be idle.


If you haven't gotten new clothes since undergrad..

At the very least, go through your closet and get rid of all the items that no longer fit your new, adult, personal image (this includes the pair of white denim cut offs I've been hanging on to since I worked at Abercrombie a decade ago). If new clothes aren't in your budget yet, flip through some magazines (or have your girlfriend flip through magazines if you're Alex) and figure out how to update what you have to reflect your current image (and maybe make a plan to save for some new pieces if it's important to you).

If it's in your budget, check out our young professional basics for winter and fall and add some new pieces! If you can only afford one new piece, I recommend a new pair of dark blue denim. If you don't have a current favorite brand, do your shopping at a department store that carries multiple brands. Each brand and style will have a different fit, so go shopping on a day that you're patient enough to try on jeans for an hour. Take the time to find a great fitting pair of denim. It can be an investment, but quality denim lasts years if taken care of. If not,


If you're into photography or just had a child/puppy/kitten

The age of photos taken on phones makes me so sad. Everyday life looks so much better with a real camera. The camera that fits into your compact, trendy phone is an engineering marvel, but can not compare to a dedicated unit. I also take less care and effort in snapping photos with my phone.


At the very least, check out this article on how to take better photos with your iphone. If you're interested in buying a real camera, your first decision will be deciding between a point and shoot, mirrorless, or DSLR. The decision will come down to what type of photography you will be doing, portability, and your price range. TheWireCutter is my go to source for camera information. I recently spent 6 months researching a new camera and narrowed my options to the Cannon Powershot G7X (point and shoot), the olympus omd em10 (mirrorless), and the Cannon t5i (dslr). I ultimately chose the olympus omd-em5 mark II in a quasi-impulse decision, and I do not regret it at all. Excellent photographs (definitely a splurge).


If you haven't updated your computer in 4+ years

It's so annoying that technology doesn't last forever. My macbook air is on year 5. It's slow and has no battery life, but I've been dreading purchasing a new computer. I don't have the funds now, but I've started researching because I plan to make a purchase in the next 6 months. I really want a desktop, but unfortunately I need to replace my laptop first (and will therefore probably just buy monitors to hook up to my laptop at a later date). What i'm saying is, I'd love your suggestions on this topic. haha


If you're out of shape

Who doesn't love new workout clothes? I just got a new pair of running shoes to guilt myself into taking advantage of this freakishly warm winter and get some miles in. Running is one of the cheapest workouts and it works great for people who have busy and variable schedules because you can literally step outside of your house whenever you feel like it - morning, noon, night. Small group classes can also be fun because there's a social aspect which is fun and I also work out harder when there's someone telling me what to do. There are also great free home exercises on youtube. My favorites are Yoga with Adrienne and Tone It up! My boyfriend does yoga with Adrienne with me and it's hilarious. He's horrible. The Tone It Up girls publish weekly schedules which takes almost all of the thinking out of working out and Adrienne has a 30 days of yoga challenge that got me to work-out everyday while I was on my surgery rotation!


How do you treat yourself? Share your tips below!