your all day, every day Christmas party playlist

So.. I was scheduled to host my very first adult party this weekend, but it fell through at the VERY last minute. As in, 40 minutes before the party was scheduled to start, I had to send out cancellation texts. It turned into a very fun night with a few close friends and I don't have any regrets EXCEPT I didn't get to play my Christmas party playlist.. then I realized I hadn't shared it with you guys!!!

Love and the sky - christmas 2016 party list

It's a good mix of 90s hip-hop, new school Christmas tunes, and dancey-pop. It's great for getting ready for a Christmas party, but I listen to it on the walk to work in the morning and at the gym, too! Basically, anytime you want to feel festive and happy.

Hope it brings you a little Christmas joy!

Listen on shuffle!

I know I've been MIA on the gram lately, but I have a major life update to share with you all very soon.

Again, thank you for sharing a bit of your life with me.

now, go dance!